Day 1

Today was my first day in clinic near the Myanmar border. The trip to the camps was loud, crowded and dangerous as we avoided hitting people, other cars and missed near head on collisions with other trucks.
The Hope Emergency Clinic is were I worked today. It is just outside the camps along the road way. Soon after opening the people came. I did a prenatal visit all the pregnant women who came. Everyone was between 5-9 months pregnant. All the babies felt very tiny.
Each women complaining of nausea, vertigo and stomach pains. All complaints that I knew were caused from being dehydrated, over heated and hungry. The answer water, food bit of AC and some rest is not possible for these women. I did not have water to hand them  or a cool spot for them to rest but I was able to hand them each a Cliff bar and if the had a child with them a piece of fruit leather. It is truly heartbreaking to know I could not give them what they truly needed. You could see the sadness and desperation as I looked into each of their eyes. I really hope I was able to make each one feel special and cared for for moment I was with her.
There is so much work to be done and so many needs here that it feels overwhelming. My mission for tomorrow is to have a bottle of water and a piece of fruit for each mama that I see.
Your support is needed.

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