Day 3

Today we arrived at hospital just a woman arrived by Tom Tom unable to walk. Another busy day at the emergency field clinic. A full day of prenatal visits and issues from fistulas, skin infections to headaches and fatigue.
At the end of the day we had one pregnant woman still waiting to be seen. The doctors working in the other chambers were unwilling to wait for us to see her. They left in the only van to take us back to Cox’s Bazar. So what do the midwives do? We see and care for our waiting client! This left us with no choice but to take a Tom Tom home. The ride was about 1 hour and 40 mins  (ride cost us 1000 Takas about $10).
Oh man it was quite a ride. We are traveling along, honking, swerving, and slamming on the brakes as usual and then boom we hit another Tom Tom. (no worries we are ok) A van hit a rickshaw in front of us and the driver and the woman riding had be thrown out. Hopefully they are both ok. Now that we have had a few days of clinic and seeing what the needs are it’s time to make a plan. The plan is to find out all that is available from other NGO’s so that we are able to make sure all of the pregnant women we seeing, are getting the best care possible. I want to make sure they are getting prenatal visits, sick care as needed, assisted deliveries , postpartum care and extra food rations while pregnant and breastfeeding. This will be no easy task.


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